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Mission Statement
Professional Rescue Innovations is dedicated in providing training  programs that meet or surpass OSHA & NFPA standards to provide a safe work place in Industrial, Fire and Emergency environment. Since the 1990’s PRI has developed and delivered:

Specialized Training Programs for Industrial and Fire/Rescue Personnel.

In depth, hands-on training has become our trademark. We have found
that this hands-on approach helps attendees retain more information
and makes them better able to apply this knowledge in actual rescues.


PRI does not employ mass-produced instructors. Our instructors are
state certified professional trainers with actual experience.

PRI has certified instructors for Training in all Technical Rescue
Classes, Terrorism and ICS.

Contact us today for all of your training needs.

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PRI provides safe innovative training with a professional staff to help meet
your Fire Department's or company's needs.  E-mail PRI and let us help meet
your specialized training needs for Fire Ground, Rescue, and Industrial.

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