employees, and first responder services provided everyday. Firefighters, industrial
workers, emergency personnel are all exposed to a wide range of hazards with more
complexity and new concerns for health and safety than the traditional environments
faced with the job description. Professional Rescue Innovations is dedicated in providing
PRI is in the business of providing quality-training programs that meet or surpass OSHA
and NFPA standards to provide a safe work environment. Every attempt is made to use
tools from several different vendors at each class; we train with the tools your
department/industry use. This also provides the students the opportunity to try different
brands of equipment without the “sales pitch”. No recommendations of a brand are made.
We are not in the business to sell equipment, but to educate.

Fire departments and Industry all over Iowa have taken advantage of our training
programs and many more agencies continue to voice a demand for our training. We at PRI
will strive to meet customers needs.

Professional Rescue Innovations is dedicated in the delivery of quality training programs.
We deliver these programs with instructors that are certified, knowledgeable, and
experienced in the course being delivered. We at PRI pride ourselves on the teaching
techniques that are safe, tried and tested in the field.

If you feel PRI can be part of your next training session please contact us at our web site
Professional Rescue Innovations